Eva Maxfield Brown

I am a PhD student at the University of Washington Information School working in the UW DataLab advised by Dr. Nicholas Weber and Dr. Bill Howe.

My research involves the collection and analysis of large-scale social and behavioral data, usually from municipal or public sources. I create and use novel machine learning methods for information extraction to answer questions related to conversation dynamics, engagement, misinformation, and understanding policy actions within public meetings. Additionally, with my prior experience in data engineering I aim to create computational social science infrastructures that can better enable scientists in their work when engaging in the public realm.

I currently lead a team of developers and designers as we work on CouncilDataProject -- an easily deployable, generalizable system for municipal government event data processing, archival, search, and, discovery in the hopes of better local government accessibility and accountability. Council Data Project infrastructure is entirely free! We hope to see it utilized by all members of the public for increased municipal government awareness and for shared, collaborative, open access research on municipal governance behaviors.

I additionally maintain AICSImageIO, a library for reading and writing microscopy images in Python (including too-large-for-memory images). As of, October 10, 2022, AICSImageIO has been installed more than 250,000 times over it's lifespan.

You can find my scientific Python, civic technology, and other open-source work on GitHub.

You can find my rants and raves about scientific Python, civic technology, other open-source work, and more on Twitter or Mastodon.